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Counselor's Corner

Welcome Back!!


Welcome back to school. I hope that you are staying safe and healthy. Please note that during this unprecedented time I am still here for you and I look forward to continuing to work to provide you with the necessary support to assist you to reach your academic potential while addressing your personal, career and social needs.

Please note that if you have an urgent mental health need, please contact the National Health Helpline at tel. #203. If you are already connected with an outside counselor/therapist – please connect with them.

I am grateful for your support and patience during these times of adjustment. Please know that I am available to assist you and will respond as fast as I can. Please be patient when awaiting a response as the change in format for assistance may take a little more time.

Confidentiality is paramount when in a counselling environment so please be aware of who is around you when you decide to make contact with me. Students and families should be aware of unintended viewers when sharing confidential matters.  I also acknowledge that tone and intended messages may be misread or misunderstood when engaging in conversations. To this end, I would like to remind students that anything they say or share with their counselor is confidential unless I feel the student is in danger of hurting themselves or others. If I have any concerns or questions while engaging in counseling, parents/guardians will be contacted.  

Students, and when necessary, families on behalf of your student, please feel free to reach out to your counselor following the steps below:

  1. Email your
  2. In your email, let me know your concerns and what time you’d like me to contact you.
  3. Wait for a response

I will also be providing you with relevant information and resources to support your mental health and career and academic development right here on this page so keep checking this space!!

Thank you and stay safe!!

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